Building a home server/network rack

I’m buying the Boracade ICX6450 for my sister’s new house and will be building on a small server rack from scratch. Since I’m not an expert on rack builds, I might as well ask here. My plan for this rack is (from top to bottom)

1U 24p patch panel 2U cable manager (horizontal finger duct) 1U 48p switch 2U cable manager (horizontal finger duct) 1U 24p patch panel

I’ll then use 1-ft. patch cables for everything.

A couple of questions:

  1. Is that a good placement of network gears?
  2. Unloaded or preloaded patch panels? Modular jack type or non-modular/built-in?
  3. For devices in the same rack that need to connect to the switch, do they still need to go through the patch panel?