[Build Suggestions] Migrate Plex and ESXI to new builds

I currently have 2 rack servers in my basement and they are 2 refurbs. The Plex server is reasonably quiet. The second server…is not

Plex Server / Retired Hyper-V:
HP DL 180 G6 - 2x Xeon L5520
192GB (12x16GB) DDR3 PC3-8500R 4Rx4 ECC Reg
12x 4TB drives

Tyan GT24 B8236G24W4HR-IL 1U server, 256gb RAM (16 x 16gb), 2 x 16-core AMD 6274
2x 2TB SSDs

I’d like to transplant the ESXI box into another case if possible, at the very least (which is likely what’ll happen) is just re-use the RAM and SSDs in a new build.

I’d like to move my Plex Server to more of a P2000 build as transcoding is popular, sadly. So I wanted a beefy CPU + p2000 to support as many sessions as possible (no 4K transcoding). I don’t need dual CPUs for my plex server, I only have a max of 20 Users on my Plex server. The NAS Killer 4.0 is looking attractive.

The ESXI server is going to need dual CPUs at least 256GB of ram or more, so I’d need a rack/mobo that can support it.

I haven’t done custom rack server builds, (more custom desktop/gaming builds), so this will be my first time.

If you’re looking for maximum performance, a dedicated quicksync box is the way to go.


did you build it ?