Build recommendations for home server?

I am looking to build a web server and possibly game server from home. I am not sure what equipment would be best. AMD Ryzen? LGA 1156? I am sure need at least 16GB of ram. Any suggestions?

Well, like anything - it really depends on what you intend to do with it. Can you provide us with some information about your use case(s)?

I want the case probably small looking at this one

Silverstone ML06E or ML09B; it has to be I guess Mini-ITX as what this case seems to hold.

I didn’t mean “case” as in “computer chassis”.

oh lol. Mainly want to use it for serving my website. Nginx with PHP-FPM, Mail server (Postfix). Will run it on Debian. May also run a game server in future. I am guessing RAM hugest thing in a server. ECC vs non-ecc. I also guessing more cores be best at least 4 cores. Also, probably lean towards a CPU that supports graphics or low end card since this will be used as a server. May also think about running Plesk haven’t thought of that till I came to this site. Xeon or Ryzen leaning towards not sure though. I have also seen 2 CPU’s but be concerned about heat.

Web hosting is extremely cheap, I’d highly recommend hosting it on something like a DO droplet instead. There’s no reason to open up your home network to that sort of traffic.

Gameservers and the like are fine.

What you think of this build for a NES?