Build part-list double check


I have been using a Raspberry pi 4 as a home server mainly to run services in docker containers, things like, but not exclusively:

  • pihole
  • resilio-sync
  • rpi-mon (I don’t even know if this can run in a x86 server)
  • plex
  • wireguard vpn server
  • nextcloud
  • mariadb (needed for nextcloud)
  • transmission
  • sonarr
  • radarr
  • jackett

Now I think the most intensive ones there are plex, and nextcloud. For plex, I mostly have 1080 content but having it 4k ready would be nice, transcoding included.

Apart from all this, I would be using it as a NAS device, so would be nice to have plenty of expansion options.

Now, the parts I selected (following the otis plex transcoding guide) are these:

Putting aside 75€ for the NVMe, everything would go for 450 euros looking in (a popular pc components web shop in spain). In the end I would look cheaper prices in other trusted shops but to compile a list it is easier in a single site.

I am assuming this build would be running all that I mentioned without a problem. Doubt is if it is 4k proof and future proof. Might as well play with some Virtual Machines, but as long as docker works as expected I don’t think I will need lots of cores, hence the cpu I have chosen.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far! Any comments? Have I done anything stupid?

I used this guide: [Guide] OTiS 1.0 - Build your own Intel QSV HW transcoder!

Don’t transcode 4k

I Have 0 experience with 4k. I understand that for 4k I should be doing direct play?

The thing is that English is not my native language and I have subtitles very often for the content I have in my server. Putting together media plus subtitles count as transcoding?

Not with the appropriate Plex client. Subtitles don’t necessarily require a transcode.

Besides that. Your build list looks good. I’d bump up the ram if you plan on using docker and VMs. 16 is good but more is better

got it! thank you!