[Build log] Twitch streaming and video recording PC for DMS (YouTube reviewer)

Overview & Objective

  • Build a reasonably priced computer for twitch streaming and video recording for DMS
  • Must be able to stream and record at the same time
  • Utilize refurbished hardware to keep costs low and showcase what used Xeons are capable of
  • Storage must be redundant to minimize the chances of data loss
  • Boot drive and temporary storage must be fast


Motherboard: ASUS Rampage III GENE X58 M-ATX - $100.00
CPU: Intel Xeon X5670 6-Core - $20.00
CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo (red) - $40.00
RAM: 16GB GSkill DDR3 1600 non-ECC - $50.00
GPU: Nvidia Quadro P400 - $75.00
Capture card: Elgato HD60 Pro - got it refurbished from Woot for $60.00
PSU: Corsair RM750 modular - Already owned, but they go for around $60.00
SSD(s): 2 x SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB - $20.00 each
HDD(s): 2 x Seagate 4TB NAS HDD - $50.00 each
Case: Thermaltake Versa H-18 TG - Donated by @Hey_Danny, goes for around $55.00
Fans: Arctic P12 120mm 5-pack - $28.00

Total: $558.00


  • Windows 10 Pro
  • OBS 64-bit
  • Elgato HD60 Pro drivers & software suite


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