[Build Complete] 24 bay cse-846 ex-Snafu 2.0 Box

System originally was gonna be a X9DRH-ITF something sparked around the speaker after transfer and it died so I built an epyc since single core performance was lacking in the 2670v2 and there was a 7V13 for $600 :man_shrugging:

  • Motherboard: H12SSL-I
  • CPU: Epyc 7V13 - AMD Eng Sample: 100-000000425_37/24_N
  • RAM: 2x M393A8G40BB4-CWE
  • RAM: 2x M393A8G40BB4-CWE
  • CPU Heatsink: SNK-P0064AP4 CPU Cooler
  • Storage: 2 x MX500
    2 x F320 3.2TB
    24 x mixed drives (14TB, 12TB)
  • PSU: CSE-846 900W-SQ
  • NIC: X550-T2


I need 1 more drive tray if you got one let me know :smiley:

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wow that is a beefy boy. and a huge increase in cpu speed.

what OS? what do you use all the flash storage for?