Bought this I7-7700T + Supermicro + 32gb Ram build today, feedback please

ntel Core i7-7700T + Supermicro Mini-ITX X11SSV-Q Motherboard + 32GB DDR4 + 128GB M.2
Supermicro X11SSV-Q

I have been combing the NASKILLER 4.0,1,5.0 Guides and couldnt find a solution I was set on. Then I decided I would buy a quicksync box either the popular HP model mentioned frequently around here or a similarly priced HP prodesk or something.

Then I came across the build. I had been working all day and was a bit intoxicated and it was somewhat of an intoxicated purchase, but, I think it was a good one. I would appreciate feedback…

i came across this post and having never seen it before, as well as seeing an i7-7700T, the 30W dream compared to my 130W current cpu, with the fantastic igpu I keep hearing about, I thought it was a good deal.
I could have messed up . Luckily there is a return window.

So it has 2 Intel Gigabit Ethernet nics which poked out at me especially with the i7-7700T as I was looking into some sort of building some cluster and it got expensive when I wanted to be able to have both a T Cpu as well as a Dual SFP+ or Mellanox PCIE addon card…

There are 5 Sata 3 Ports. There is a mPCIE Slot, a m.2 2280 solot and a CPU PCIE 3.0 X 16 Slot.

So I am not very versed in how I can get the most out of these thingsm but I was thinking that if Bifurcation was supported, the PCIE 3.0 X 16, besides a possible 10gb interface, would be a great place to put 4 1 or 2 TB nvme SSDs.

Is it possible to split a PCIE 3.0 X 16 into ??? does it split to 3.0 x 8 x 2 ? does it go to 2.0 x 8 ? x 2 ?
It would be very interesting if I could possibly use it to get a LSI Sata 3 port adding card in there as well as a Dual SFP+…

I have seen solutions that convert m.2 2280 into a 10gbE interface, as well as a ones that convert mPCIE into multiple sata 3 interfaces, although I am not aware of how well these work.

Can someone give me some of their knowledge, please?

I may have pulled the trigger to fast on this purchase, but I really wanted a low power NAS/plex solution and I THOUGHT this was capable. I now am just trying to figure out how to maximize what I have to get maximum best performing use out of it (ie. most sata 3s, most nvme drives, adding a 10gb interface, etc)…

I am all ears and am very interseted in what anyone would have to say.

I will also say that the mini ITX cases I have found thus far look really interesting and cool.
If anyone has any they think particularly stands out please share!

Thanks for your time

Also, if you have time.
I am currently using an i7 4930k asus x79 rampage iv gene mATX mobo with 32gb ddr3 2133mhz g.skills ripjawsX a EVGA 1080 GTX FTW3 and a pcie to nvme adapter (custom bios added compatibility) and a array of 8tb/4tb HDDs

I am also testing out whether or not I like an Optiplex 5090 SFF with 16GB Ram and i5-11500 cpu…

I am in need of decreasing my electrical consumption and looking for advice with what to do with the above hardware. I dont play video games and was considering selling the EVGA 1080 GTX graphics card.
I was thinking I could get a E5-2650L V2 and have 70W TDP and 10C 20T of crap speed, but with that many cores 32gb ram is trivial and I feel like Id need to spend a whhole lot more to make it viable.

So I am also considering listing the i74930k, the Noctua NHD14or15?, the Asus X79 Rampage IV Gene motherboard and the 32gb ddr 2133mhz gskill ripjawsx ram… What is everyones thought on if that is reasonable to post and how much to post it for…, or if I should exclude certain items from the bunch?

I only recently realizd as I have become more power conscious that this i74930k slurped 130W TDP… So I have been wanting to change that as I often leave it on if we are using plex or something. That was part of the appeal of this i7-7700T 30W with great plex transcode potential I went for above…

Again thank you to anyone taking time to read and huge thanks to anyone taking time to share knowledge and respond.