BitDeals Fire notice, anyone know more?

So bitdeals now has a big notice saying they are down because of a warehouse fire. Does Anyone know anything more? Is this the end of BitDeals or will they recover? They seem like a one warehouse kind of operation.

i don’t really know much about bitdeals other than their awesome deals. however, i don’t think that it’s a one warehouse shop since i’ve placed 2-3 orders through them and some have come from CA and the others from TX. i really hope they can come back but the phrasing of this notice seems to suggest otherwise.

short story: bitdeals is back. just got an email from them asking if i want my order shipped or refund.

long story: i placed my order 11/23. got email UPS label was created on 12/2. their website at the time said they were prioritizing orders, so 9 days between order placed and label was not a big deal for me. however, i watch the UPS number tracking daily hoping it was in transit. 1 week past, but the UPS number was still at label created and UPS is awaiting package. i emailed bitdeals twice…no reply. i went to their website and saw their fire notice and “foreseeable future” to me meant out of business. i was concerned that they were out of business and it was a big order and my money was in jeopardy. i opened a paypal case for paypal’s help to get my money back. paypal ask me to give time for the seller to respond. it’s been 3 days and Brandon at BitDeals replied to my 2 emails (see below)!

Unfortunately we had a fire which caused major delays in our processing. We are resuming shipment this week but be happy to refund your purchase as well.



If your order doesn’t show any tracking then its very likely it did not make it out or was lost by the carrier. Either way we would have to send out a new shipment. We are resuming shipment this week but be happy to refund your purchase as well. Please let me know if you would still be interested in receiving the order with a bit of extra handling time or prefer the refund.



such a good price, i asked how much handling time?

waiting for their reply.

To be fair they’ve been really slow all year. Hard to get a hold of, take two weeks to ship when everything is going well. But they’re dirt cheap and ultimately always deliver.

Staffing has been decimated by Covid restrictions from the tyrannical state of California. They’ve had to close their warehouse and move their operations home, cut staffing, etc - and now this.