Best partner for LSI 9201-16i

Some years ago I built a server in a SuperMicro CSE-825 with an X9DRi-F / LSI 9201-16i (which came pre-flashed in IT mode). Recently I transplanted the guts into a generic 24-bay case and am now looking for the right partner board for the 9201-16i to allow access to the currently unused 8 bays.

I can get a 2nd-hand 9201-8i from AliExpress for a reasonable cost but I wonder what the recommended path is - and the cheapest if they’re not the same - given the 9201’s have been superseded since I bought mine. Thanks in advance for you advice.

Anything on this list that fits your need is what I would recommend.

9201/9210/9211 (8i) will work great, just pick whichever is the cheapest.

Thanks - I’ll get myself to eBay with that information. Appreciate the help!