Best choice for pfsense router first time

Im looking to make a pfsense router and have narrowed it down to a few different choices after doing research this forum is very insightful its my first time doing a router. Im looking to run pfsense with the ability to run a VPN service which I understand is quite demanding with a few small apps running as well ie snort, netdata etc. Amount of space it takes up and power draw is important to me smaller the better of course price is a factor as well but would like it to work for me as long as possible. ISP gives me 500 down 40 up

Option 1: HP EliteDesk 800 G1 DM Mini ($110) + USB to Ethernet ($20) + cheap ssd ($20) Total = $150
Comes with i5-4570T a power efficient 4C4T with a passmark score of 3,232 and 8GB of ram. Only one RJ45 port (Intel) and 6 USB 3.0 meaning I would need to use USB to Ethernet adapters. Compact form factor matching my plex/file server which is going to be a newer Elitedesk G3. Most powerful of the three but would the USB to ethernet be an issue for a full time router?

Option 2: ThinkCentre M90n IoT ($215) Total = $215
i3-8145U 2C4T passmark score of 3,783 with 4GB of ram(soldered). This comes with two Intel RJ45 ports no adapter needed for now. This is the smallest option with two RJ45 ports I enjoy the aesthetic but is more costly. Passively cooled, should 4GB of ram be a concern given it cant be upgraded?

Option 3: HP T730 ($120) + IBM Intel 49Y4242 Quad Port Ethernet Adapter ($22) Total = $144
AMD RX-427BB 4C4T passmark of 2,584 with 8GB of ram. This is the largest size of the three but has the most ethernet ports with the adapter installed.

All of these would pair with a switch I haven’t pick out yet and a access point which so far is going to be a EnGenius Technologies EAP1250 ($60). I am open to all suggestions and considerations if there is anything im overlooking please let me know. Prices are current and units listed available as of date of posting.

Is the size of the box an issue? Can it be bigger?

I would like to make it as small as possible while still performing everything I need. Size is a factor for me.