Backup between (unRAID) servers

What do you all use to backup between two (unRAID) servers?

I’m interested in this two between off-site Unraid

My plan is to keep personal backups at work and work backups at home.

I would be fine with Grsync, but I don’t think it’s an option.

Filezilla could also be an option, that’s what I used thus far locally and I think it would work with zerotier to think it’s on the same network for remote site to site backups.

Also want automatic backups to Unraid for my Windows work machines

Does nobody backup between two unRAID servers?

Can you be more specific with what you want to do?

Kinda replicating my main unraid server in case of data loss.

Borg backup is on my to-do list to learn. It has versioning and slew of other advanced features.

This was the guide I would check out.