Azul Systems 3320B - Got 2 pcs but dont know what is this?

I am from Poland in Europe and try to find help.
I got 2 pcs - Azul Systems 3320B - looks like new - packed in a wooden box in which it flew from the USA to Poland fot my uncle (he passed away)
Today I switch on - it shines like a Christmas tree, - so it works.
I don’t know anything about it.
Anyone can tell me what is this?
Anyone can help me liquidate it or direct me where to go with it and make a penny?
Thank you in advance.

These appear to be very old computers. They use DDR2 RAM, which is not terribly useful nowadays.

It probably has some sort of specialized CPU if it’s that old and it has 4 54-core CPUs.

Looks specific to Java engine stuff, not general computing.

SUPER specialized. Not useful for general computing.

Azul sold many systems running the Vega processors but eventually moved to software only solutions, that could efficiently run Java on existing x86 hardware. The methods though are similar, just no longer the need for custom hardware to run it on. Azul appliances can be added to any datacenter to catch and accelerate Java applications.

Azul wasn’t the first company to accelerate Java, and they certainly won’t be the last. Java’s simplicity and platform independence will keep it around, and the ability to run decades old code fast and safely on modern hardware will continue to drive products. Its like COBOL all over again…

Thank you for your answers.
Can such a computer still be of use to someone?
Does it have value?