ATX board in SSI-EEB+ case

I am looking to upgrade my server case to a rack mountable one so that I have more capacity for hard drives and something that is hot swappable. I was looking at Supermicro CSE-SAS2-846EL1. Before I went ahead and purchased it I wanted to see if putting an ATX board in this case would work. The plan is to eventually upgrade the motherboard and CPU but trying not to spend too much at one time. Also right now all my hard drives are connected via sata cables but it looks like with this case you will use SAS cables. I assume I will need to get Some SAS cards. Is this right and any suggestions?

It would. Did you see that chassis on tech-deals on the discord?

I’d probably recommend going for the rosewill chassis though.

I did not. I was just looking at the guides and was looking for something that was hot swappable and they were similar in price although one was new and one used. It was just the super micro could hold more hard drives. (Rosewill [RSV-L4412]

Is there a reason that Rosewill one is better?

Rosewill RSV-L4500 is what he’s referring to. Reason being is, because like 99.99% of us, you don’t need hotswap. It’s a buzzword that sounds cool, but how often are you expecting drives to die and also what server environment are you running where your server can’t be down for up to an hour to swap drives?