ASUS H81M plus mb build

I just picked up 2 boxes with ASUS H81M plus mb’s 2c pentium G2020/G3220 cpus, 350W PSUs that someone was thowing out.

I have 2 spare LSI cards (92xx, i think 9207 from memory) flashed to IT mode.

I need a basic server hooked up to my network where I can access a bunch of SAS and SATA hdds that otherwise just sit on a shelf as i dont have a spare machine to put them in.

Would one of these ASUS mb /LSI card combos do a decent job as a file storage server? (probably will just use ubuntu on the box and ssh into it, and run rsync as needed)

Would a 2 core pentium be sufficient or will a 4c cpu be needed? (board can take E3-12xxV3 as well as a bunch of i5/i7 4c cpus, low power preferable)?

Those will make great file servers. If all you want to do is connect disks and serve files I don’t think you need to upgrade anything. If you also want to run a bunch of docker containers and / or virtual machines then you may want to consider upgrading to an E3 1200 V3 CPU and probably more memory.

I’ve been using a Supermicro X9SCM-F board with a G2100T CPU and 32GB RAM as a Truenas Core server for several years without issue. The low power CPU seems to be fine for home use, serving files and PLEX.