ASRock Rack EPC621D6U-2T16R - Thoughts?

Has anyone had any experience with the EPC621D6U-2T16R? Good; Bad; Ugly???

I’m looking to replace the old Rangely board and SoC in my NAS (uATX capable).

I’ve been looking on and off for a little while and there are so many options, but ultimately I’d like something which isn’t too old that I’ll need to replace it again within a couple of years. I’m running ZFS and the checksums take a non-trivial amount of CPU to compute on every block which leaves not much else for the containers I run on it (Pi-hole, Wireguard, and some indexing bits).

Any recommendations on alternatives greatly appreciated.

The aspects of the ASRock Rack I like:

  • Integrated LSI/Broadcom 3616 SAS controller
  • Integrated ASpeed BMC/IPMI
  • 10G dual NICs
  • M.2 NVME PCIe socket
  • U.2 8-lane SFF-8654/Slimline interface