Asrock J4105M not booting, RAM issue?

I recently bought an Asrock J4105M motherboard to build a new homeserver/NAS.

But when I install the RAM and connect the PSU, the fans start to spin but no video. Even before I switch on/tap the power button (i tried both)

After some DuckDuckGo’ing, I tried:

  • Resetting the BIOS
  • Another PSU
  • Connecting all the connectors of the case
    Nothing seemed to work

This board is apparently notorious for its finnicky RAM requirements.

Based on Crucials memory recommedations…/asrock/j4105m I bought this:

It’s not on the list of ASRock but they say that no more than 8 GB is possible but many people on the net claim this isn’t true. Also I don’t understand their list as it show memomry with 32GB in the part numbers anyway

In short: does anyone use this board and what memory do you use?