ASR-7805 Can't Switch to HBA Mode

Just setup my first server. Using Adaptec ASR-7805 and can’t get it into HBA mode. When I change the controller to HBA in the bios I get and error that states mode switch failed, please delete all arrays and uninitialize disks and try again.

I haven’t set up an array or initialized anything. I just put everything together for the first time and trying to switch to HBA mode.

Unraid and the adaptec bios are detecting the drives fine.

Can you share some pictures of what’s happening?

You may not have configured a RAID array on the card, but the last guy did. It won’t be usable as an HBA as long as it thinks there is a problem with the thing it’s supposed to manage.

Refer to page 90 of the manual:

Not sure what happened between last night and today but it switched over fine.

I started a format in the Adaptec bios last night because I thought there may have been data in the refurbished drive. I cancelled it today cause it was over 24 hours and wasn’t complete. Went into controller settings to make the switch from raid to HBA so I can snap a photo of the error and voila, switched right over. The drives have the correct serial numbers in unRaid now.

Thanks for the help and quick replies!!