Aronwk Introduction

Hey everyone, I’m Aronwk (or just Aaron)
I’m a recent college graduate in Software Engineering and I’m going to be starting a job as a Quality Assurance Engineer soon.

My dive into tech and software beings back in 2011/2012 with a game called LEGO Universe and it’s closure. I began learning to code so that I could “help the effort” of trying to rebuild the game from the client and a few captured packets.

Unfortunately college got in the way and I was never really able to help with it. I started off as a Computer Programming Engineer (basically half electrical and half computer science) and then gradually moved over to Computer Science and then Software Engineering my freshman year. I learned I had a passion for programming and specifically web-design.

I worked research jobs in during my undergraduate, first dealing with human robotic interactions and eye-witness reporting, then researching and developing small inexpensive robotic technologies for SWAT teams to remain safe while keeping eyes and ears on a perpetrator, and finally another project dealing with bullying and exclusion/inclusion using a web-game. I also help with a project for a robotic therapy dog that spanned across the first two project. (I can elaborate on any of these at request)

I found a passion for DevOps during these research projects, because of their inefficiencies and lack of accountability for programmers that was present in the projects. Quality Assurance is a step in the DevOps pipeline, so I’m really looking forward to starting work and learning more about it.

I’ve completed the NSFW Anniversary build and I would attribute that build as the main reason I got this job, since the interviewers were really intrigued that and undergraduate could do such thing.

Nice to meet all of you!


So basically you made the little RC car/drone in rainbow 6 siege?

Nice intro! Sounds like you have found your passion during college, it’s not easy for everyone.

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Hello and welcome!

Nice intro indeed. It’s great to see that skills learned around these parts can be applied to employment and promotions.

Congrats on the new job!

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Actually yes!
It was very much like that, though I’ve never played Rainbow 6 Seige, lol

I basically took an Ollie and shoved a 2.4GHz Drone FPV camera in it.
Then I just used a receiver hooked up to my android phone and did splitscreen for the camera the control app. I didn’t have time to write a custom controller app, so it was a hacky solution but a good proof of concept!

There are several of these types of RC vehicles for SWAT/Police on the market already, however they thousands dollars per unit. The goal of the project was to make a cost effective product that even local police stations could afford and not worry about them being destroyed while in use.