Another Supermicro 846 upgrade post

I keep coming back to the idea of upgrading my server. Right now it’s running a X9DRF board, SAS2 back plane. I am torn between a few different options.

  1. just upgrade backplane to a sas3 one = more drive throughput (theoretically)

  2. just replace motherboard/ram with another supermicro board, maybe x10/11 one for more efficient computing power

  3. put in a regular motherboard, intel i7, and slots for an HBA and GPU (GTX 1660)

  4. both option 1 and either 2 or 3 for a full refresh

Obviously I want to keep it fairly cheap and option 4 would be the most expensive.

This machine is current running unraid, 2x E5-2695 v2 and a GTX 1660 GPU for transcoding. I use it for plex, couple VMs (pihole for testing, couple windows VMs that I fire up for sandbox stuff), and quite a few docker containers (Plex, etc).

Suggestions? I looked at the NAS killer builds, but it looks like the pricing on stuff were lucky finds on eBay and don’t happen very often.

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