Anniversay 2.0 - By the Book Build

Forgot to post this last year when I powered it on, but I figure with ~260days of uptime, I should get on it.

Type Part Price
mobo X9DRH-7F 161.61
1x CPU E5-2650Lv2 48.49
RAM 48GB 1333MHz 75.43
1x CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U 59.21
Case Rosewill-RSV-L4500 185
Rails istar 45
Drives (x4) 8TB SAS 360
Drives (x2) 500GB Sandisk SSD 120

Table Prep

Test Fit

Printed a caddy to hold 2 SSD (cache and unpack drive) in a single slot

Loaded it up 4 data drives + cache and unpack to start

Turns out either 1 DIMM is bad or the fan is making contact and causing issues, so instead of a full compliment I’m running down a pair

And last but not least - flashed everything to get it into the right state to start it up

And - time of load into the rack (it’s a bit more cluttered now…)

And at time of posting


Nice uptime!