Anniversary 2.0 Build Feedback

Hi all. I’m new here and planning on starting my Anniversary 2.0 build meant for Unraid, Gaming, VMs and would like feedback and recommendations before I start buying. Also, I chose the short depth chassis to fit in a built in A/V cabinet but am not tied to it vs. a full tower case so if the collective wisdom is that I go for the tower - please suggest it. The components I’ve picked so far are as follows and still in need of a recommendation on the GPU:

Case = [RSV-R4100197] case link
Motherboard = [X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD 528] motherboard link
CPU = x2 [E5-2650 v2 719] cpu link
Fan = x2 [SNK-P0050AP4 375] fan link 1 or [NH-L9x65 44] fan link 2
Ram = [HMT84GL7AMR4A-PB 144] ram link
PSU = x2 [Supernova 650 GQ 62] psu link
Add-in Card = [LSI 9211-8i SAS2 (add 8 Sata3/SAS2 ports) 195] card link
Cache SSD = [SU635 94] cache ssd link
VM SSD = [F80 56] Sun Oracle 800 GB (4x200 GB)
GPU = ??? Please recommend

Thanks in advance for any help which is much appreciated.

bump - appreciate any advice and guidance…

I am a newbie trying to build my first server. I have a question: why do you need 2 PSUs, not only one? I suppose Supernova provides dual EPS power connectors.

Looks like a pretty solid build plan.

The dual PSU’s are not needed for most builds. Duals are nice for redundancy or if you plan to have a ton of HDD’s and would max out a single unit. Looks like it may be a typo as the case he spec’ed only can fit one PSU.