Anniversary 2.0 Build Complete

Build Parts

  • Motherboard: X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD Supermicro Dual LGA-2011 E-ATX Server Motherboard $118.98
  • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5-2640 $36.00
  • RAM: 4x SAMSUNG 16GB 4Rx4 DDR3 PC3-8500R $77.78
  • PSU: Corasir HX 750 129.99
  • Cooling: 2x Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U $54.95
  • Cache Drives: 2x Samsung SSD 860 QVO 1TB
  • Storage Array 3x Western Digital 12TB Easy Store WD120EMFZ Drives 179.99 ea


This build was a lot of fun even if I did screw it up a little to start out with. When my NAS killer v2 bit the dust due to what I believe was a combination of a power surge, moving homes, and my own idiocy, this build was about 6 months old and I was ready to dive in. I’ve been shopping this build since around February but due to my overapplication of thermal paste, I sadly had to order a new motherboard. On top of that, some of the RAM from my v2 build was failing mem check so I figured it would be best to set those sticks aside in favor of some “new” ones. To top all of that off, the hard drives that were being used in my v2 build show no sign of life and the only ones that still work and could be carried over to the new build were the Samsung 1 TB cache SSDs.

Overall I learned a lot through the process of building my second server and while it cost me a bit extra in comparison to most others who did this build I’m glad that I got it done and its been running smoothly for about a month now!

My current applications for this server is a Plex Media Server for friends and family, host a couple Minecraft servers for my friends and I, and run a VM or two on occasion.

Sounds like you had a few challenges but came out better off in the end. Good job persevering.

Server chassis like yours are designed to have air flow intaking from the front through the chassis out the back. Keeping with this, the cpu coolers typically are orientated to blow air toward the rear of the chassis, which means you would rotate your cpu coolers 90 degrees to achieve this. Or is there something that prevented that?

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I don’t think that there was anything preventing me from doing this, I will have to adjust them, thanks for the tip!