AMD Ryzen as NAS CPU?

Hi all!

I am planning my first build, but before I get there - I wanted to understand why is AMD not in any of the NAS killer builds?

Searched through the forums and don’t find much love for AMD.

Appreciate any responses.


Will be posting build as I start planning in the other forum!

Because the used Intel market is far more affordable than the used AMD

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I just moved from Intel Xeon to Ryzen 1st gen. 1700x + mobo + RAM was under $200 shipped.

Parts list?

in server class hardware, AMD had little to no offer till the last few gen of EPYC, those are overall in the higher tier.

For the consumer CPUs, Intel had the advantage till the last few gen, to have an integrated graphics that give a bit extra convenience for the setup/debug of the NAS. Also, Intel was simply better before (both in performance and in idle power).
But nowadays, Ryzen CPU are a totally viable option.