Amazon Prime Day - What did you get? Pics?

Share some pics of what you got, and for how much!

So far received…
Hyperx Cloud Flights - $89
Logitech mx MX Master 2s - $40
Brother PTD-210 Label maker w/ hard case - $28
4 pack of 8m label tape for above printer - $12

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I got a little wild so far.

Brita jug for $27.11

Reeses Pieces for $1.13 after the $5 coupon for loading $25

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Wait… There was candy in the prime day sale!!!

Us Canadians know how to party.

I nabbed a dewalt random orbit sander (59$), 2 wyze cams (72$), micro SD cards (32gb $8 each) and an echo show 5 (64$)

And my shitty prime shipping to BFN means it will all be here Monday or Tuesday. Lol

All prices in Canadian Monopoly money.

Cooler Master ML LC240 AIO: $47.30


Ok, this is epic.

OK… Round 2…

Sabrent USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle - $6.99
Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector (3940 Joules) - $10.94
Soylent Meal Replacement Shakes, Vanilla, 12 pack - $3.57

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My receiver arrived today - the Pioneer VSX-LX303, for the low low price of $365.
I’m not gonna transplant my current setup over to it, but I will set up the white Jamo 803 set in the same room when it comes Monday for a comparison. So far, so good with this bad boy though.
Have it hooked up to some refoamed Mini Advents (seriously, those guys knew how to make speakers, it’s a tiny bookshelf and it’s cookin) for now.

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That yellow LCD gives me the big pp

wait til you see the seductive receiver pics they play when you use Bluetooth:

Clem is not amused though

8tb Seagate $119
LED bulbs $24
KVM $54
Keyboard (Mechanical like feel!) $2.60
For the record, I only really needed the KVM, so, I feel good about my new found restraint

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Wow, I’m surprised you didn’t get a cancellation email like everyone else did for that keyboard



Bunch of random crap. The MX masters will be gifts for some good people. Most excited about the human centric headphone stand.

MX master 2s $39.00 each
Instant pot $56
Switch controller $59
Porta pro $25
Human centric headphone stand $25
Sousvide $62 (not here yet)
Office Depot APC ups 650 watt (not pictured here $34.99 each)

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That’s a good haul!

Things I said I wouldn’t spend money on :weary::woozy_face::woozy_face:


Hey hey… Did you just call the Mx Master a “random” “crap”?