Amazon Power Supply Testers - are they junk?

On my current build I suspected my PSU was bad so I bought a tester on Amazon:

Dubious Chinese PSU tester

As I suspected, it said my PG value was too low and it was beeping. So I ordered a new PSU. It arrived today, so I thought I would check it and see what a good one looked like. Well, the new one failed too! So now I am thinking that the tester itself is bad. I already started a return on it, but instead of buying another cheap POS tester, I am thinking about buying this one:

Thermaltake Dr. Power II Automated Power Supply Tester

I’ve screwed my budget up so badly, I don’t really think it’s going to matter that this is more expensive. Does anyone have any opinions on these testers?

lol, well my face is a little red this morning. Seems I dipped into the bourbon a little too much last night after submitting this topic. I went ahead and bought the Thermaltake tester, because all purchasing decisions are better made with some BiB bourbon!

I would still like to hear anyone’s opinion on testers though.

i’ve never used the tester. my power supply tester has always been a backup power supply in the shelf (I try to keep one, it was a old free after rebate one).

I do have a $3 ATX front panel connector cable that I can use to plug into a motherboard to turn it on and off without a case.