All in one repacing nuc and nas


My setup today are:
Nuc 6kyk Scull Canyon i7 processor, 16 gb ram and 512 M2 ssd running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and docker. I have 19 cointainers Home Assistant, Plex, Unifi Controller ect

NAS - A min ATX Fractal case with an old i3 processor 8 Gb ram and 4 disks 1 system and 3 for storage. Running OMV 5 and have union filesystem and snapRaid.

I have 6 cameras 3 x Reolink 410 and 2 x Dafang hacked and 1 older Axis poe cam.

The problem is when running motion eye for recording and Plex and so on the CPU gets killed.

So is it possible to build an all in one thing for home automation, camera recording, NAS and plex. I have my stuff in the garage and been thinking of buying a server rack so a rack mount is possible.

I´m not that used to building computers but have som knowlage.

If I build my own I would like som room to grow in turms of maybe trying face recognizion and such.

In turms of storage I don´t need as much 10 TB will be good.

Any tips if this is possible and what hardware to use.

Regards michael