Air Traffic Controller - upcoming open applications Jan 24, 2020 (info/Q&A thread)

Not tech related - If you’re interested AT ALL in becoming an Air Traffic Controller (pays upwards of $90K (some make well over $200K), strong benefits, locality pay, overtime pay, holiday pay, long vacations…) create a profile on USAJOBS.

Open applications start Jan 24, 2020, so have your profile ready BEFORE then. All you’ll have to do is click the “apply” button.

You must be under 31 years of age to apply. It’s a great opportunity for technically minded, detail oriented people who have strong problem solving and foresight skills.
Some of the greatest people I’ve met are ATC’s, they’re all huge nerds of some sort.

Mandatory retirement is 56. Doesn’t mean the end of your ATC career, though. Lots of ATC’s move on to management, training, QA, instruction, or other aviation jobs. It’s an extremely tight industry.

If you’re finding it hard to break into the tech world, this might be a good opportunity for you. You never have to take the work home, and you can spend the extra $$ on fun server toys. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to field any and all questions about ATC, including: work/life balance, stress, previous experience, what to expect, etc.

damn @60 but no jobs for me :neutral_face:

So based on the bold type, if I’m 32 I’m sol. Sounds like a fun gig though.

Don’t air traffic controllers have the highest suicide rate of any profession? Wasn’t there a whole movie with John Cusack that talked about how it’s very high stress? Noble profession though, keeping everyone alive and all.

I don’t know about highest, but yes the job is stressful. Some people handle it well, others do not.
IMO you find out pretty early if you’re cut out for it or not.