Advice on short depth chassis for Anniversary build

Hi All,

Options are rather limited here in Australia. I’m looking for a short depth chassis for the X9DRL-IF motherboard.

I’d like the chassis to be approx 400mm deep (15.7") and no more than 450mm deep (17.7)

This is for a planned Anniversary build used for virtualisation with:

  • 1 or 2 storage devices for boot only. Probably at most 2 x 2.5" drives.
  • 1 x half height ConnectX-2 SFP+ PCIE card
  • 2 x E5-2560

Supermicro have the CSE-523L-505B chassis which looks perfect if the motherboard fits! The listed compatible motherboards are in the X11 Supermicro series. Questions regarding this chassis are:

  • Is the air shroud located over the CPU’s on the X9DRL motherboard
  • Can I use the stock Intel passive / flat type coolers with the E5-2560’s?

I like the CSE-523L-505B because it has front panel IO and it’s 2U. If this isn’t a going to work I’ll have to look at a deeper 3U chassis that I can source here in Australia.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


I have a similar depth limitation.
For my NK4.1 I choose Rosewell RSV-R4100 it’s 15” but it’s a 4u. They also have a 2u but I couldn’t find it in stock

For my pc, I’m switching it to SilverStone GD09 HtPC case.

Good luck!

This one?

That looks nice but it’s Micro ATX.