Advice on converting old gaming PC to NAS =

Hey guys,

I am trying to minimize spending while putting together something I am happy with leaving on 24/7 in my office. Problem is the old gaming PC is loud and with both PCs on it heats up my room significantly.

Old gaming PC:

I can definitely take out some of the fans to reduce noise, possibly upgrade to 2 intake 1 outake with some nocutas or similar. Maybe a new case with better sound dampening and more trays would be worth it?

I plan on using this mainly for Plex and some light hosting. Would it be beneificial to use my 970 for hardware transcoding?

I was considering possibly buying a node 304 and used m-itx and use the exisiting hardware, or maybe a node 804 with a supermicro m-atx, xeon and ECC RAM. Just don’t want to spend more than the cost of a synology because I would probably just do that then lol.

Thanks for the help!!

My wife has a 3570k, 16gb DDR3, Cosmos II case…she plays WOW (cpu intensive) and it could stream 3 direct stream (one transcoding). Heat/noise is not an issue as I put typhoon fans in it and it is relatively quiet and we have four computers here and a server in another room. If noise/heat are an issue I would suggest an AIO water cooler (i prefer custom loops so i am a snob) to mitigate noise and heat. As far as the 970 I have read some issues with hardware transcoding but I do not use hardware transcoding so someone else here can tell you more about that than I can. Hope this helps (forgive my grammar and punctuation as this is my night off).

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Thats good to hear! I acutally do have a h110i that I wasn’t able to use in my main rig so maybe I will try that out. I am also leaning towards removing the 970 to start to save on cost, noise, etc. I can always add it back in if I find Plex is struggling. Thanks!