Advice For lenovo E73

Whats going on everyone?

I just picked 4 Lenovo E73.
Processor: i3-4130
Ram: 4GB
HDD: 500GB Sata

I know they can be very useful especially for the price i got them for, so far I know i definitely need to upgrade the ram and slap in a little ssd in their.

What do you guys think?

Not sure I really understand.

What are you looking to do with it.

Why did you buy it?

A better question, why is this in #technology:tech-support?

tbh i had no clue where to post this, please move it to the correction. But i bought because it was a steal, i just could not let it pass me

If ebay is any indication of what you paid…probably should have joined the crowd for the HP 290.

Not tech support.

whats so special about the HP 290 ?