Advice and questions for 5.0 build

In the need of a NAS/server I figured why not try build one instead of going for qnap or similar stuff.
There have come a few questions to light while picking my choices that I hope I can get answered.

Currently I’m looking at:

  • Motherboard: Supermicro X10SLH-F @ $42
    (I take it C226 doesn’t support iGPU?)

  • CPU: E3-1230L v3 @ $50
    or E3-1275L v3 @ $70
    (Can I even use the iGPU on 1275 with this motherboard?)

  • RAM: SKhynix ECC 32GB 1.35V @ $59
    or Samsung ECC 32GB @ $74
    (what voltage are they? 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB DDR3 2RX8 1600MHz PC3-12800E 240pin ECC Memory Unbuffered LOT | eBay )
    (Would there be much difference going for 1333mhz instead, and do I need 1.5v with this stuff?)

That is as far as I have gotten.
CPU cooler: no idea
PSU: no idea (enough cables to power my stuff)
Case: no idea (as small as possible, see use case below)

Use case:
NAS, Fileserver, direct streaming (no transcoding)
Home Assistant with Frigate (and Coral Accelerator)
6x 3.5" drives + 4x 2.5" drives (I’ll velcro these tiny guys if need be!)
1x ODD (LTO Tape drive) + ATTO H680 pci card
Pci sata card
IPMI, and VT-d (if I plug in a dedicated gpu)

that mother board cannot make use of the igpu for displays. you might be able to use it for other stuff. it does have a very low power video controller built into it though. Its enough to configure the machine but i dont know if it could even handle watching a youtube video.

For the CPU unless you area trying to watch your max heat or max power draw avoid the low TDP parts like the xeons that end in L. they will idle at the same power draw as the normal parts.

For the PSU look at a Corsair RM550x. Its unusually efficient at low powers. Most PSUs are in the 50-60% range at 20W. that one should be around 80%.

I didn’t know about the same power use of the regular vs the L ones, so I have already ordered a 1265L, that I found for like $20.
I also found a semi-modular Xilence - XN215 XP550R10 for about $25 that I got.
The motherboard I also ordered.

For memory I looked at the Supermicro A list, and might end up with 32gb of Sk hynix if my offer on ebay is accepted. (Sk hynix was seemly the ‘shit’ back in the DDR3 days, compared to Samsung, as far as I could gather.)

Currently I’m looking at Antec P101 for a case, and cpu cooler I think I can just use a stock intel one that I have laying around since it’s so low tdp on the 1265l.

I spent the better part of the past week trying to figure out how to tackle the hardware side of things. I’m sure the software won’t take any less time then that either :smiley:

At the moment I’m looking at Startech stat splitters, and a cache disk, maybe something cheap like ADA SU650 could be sufficient?

(Noise have probably been my highest concern when looking for parts.)
Something that has me wonder if there are any okay cmr 8tb-16tb drives out there that doesn’t have the frequent ticking noise, or sound like a jetplane when writing.