Adding Pi-Hole to pfSense just for Monitoring

So I like the performance of pfBlockerNG and I want to continue to use that as my pfSense go to.

But… I really like the simplistic view with Pi-hole. Basically I want Pi-hole just as a monitor not really as a DNS sinkhole. For the parents out there, Pi-hole was great when the kid is suppose to be in bed and you can see that this was in fact not the case.

Anyway to use Pi-hole on the pfSense to monitor LAN traffic? Wireshark and others are still a bit over my head.


Pihole is more of a whole product and not based on bsd, so it’s not really feasible unless you run it as a virtual machine. I run Opnsense and was recently trying to figure out a method for combining it with a pihole like thing on one piece of hardware as well.

My solution thus far has been Adguard. I set it up about 2 weeks ago and so far, it’s worked well for my needs. There are instructions for opnsense ( AdGuard Home setup guide ) and pfsense ( Installing AdGuard Home on PFSense | Guides ) installs.

It should also work with the same lists you have with pihole as a note.

I’ll give this a shot. Thanks for the insight!