Adaptec ASR-7805 Not Recognizing Drives

First time setup for me ever using a dedicated RAID controller card.

I installed 4x brand new SATA 6G SSD, and only 1x drives are recognized by the card. I did some basic troubleshooting with the card such as checking connections, swapping cables, swapping ports, re-seating card, re-scanning for new drives, putting the card in HBA mode. I can only ever see 1x drive (device 3).

I removed the card and plugged all 4x drives into the motherboard and all 4x drives are recognized by the motherboard.

What am I doing wrong?

Sounds like the port on the card is bad.

Please note that the Adaptec/LSI SAS controllers do not support TRIM on SATA SSDs, so you really should be using them plugged into the motherboard anyway.