Adaptec ASR-71605 16-Port 6Gbs SAS2/SATA3 HBA - IT/IR mode - $35.29 free ship OBO

This card does not require flashing to change modes. Press CTRL + C on boot to change from IT to IR mode.

Drivers and Software (click me)

This HBA uses SFF-8643 cables, not SFF-8087 cables.
For SATA drives only, use these cables:
For SAS/SATA drives, use these cables:
For 8087 backplane, use this 2 pack of cables:

FYI, it’s PCIe 3.0 x8, enabling higher maximum throughput from connected drives.

Adaptec ASR-71605 16-Port 6Gbs SAS/SATA HBA - IT/IR mode - $35.29 free ship, OBO

Also available at this listing:

High profile bracket for a few $ more - $42.70

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I’m using 3 of these in one server. I paid closer to double the price with a battery backup. I like the card. Does raid and hba passthrough through the simple boot gui.

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How do these compare to the LSI SAS HBAs that are often recommended in this forum?
Do they have similar performance and capabilities?

Also, I was looking at the product specs and it seems that the last product you linked to does not appear to be equivalent to the first two (ASR-71605E vs. ASR-71605). It has less cache (256MB vs 1024MB) and doesn’t seem to support as many built in RAID levels. Even though it is likely that many people in this forum will be using it in IT mode, the lack of RAID levels may be a factor for some members.

Wow good catch, I got the 2274400-R which has raid 5, 6 and 10 and I think with a firmware upgrade 60. The E is little more than a mirror or hba controller. I got my lsi cards for $20-45 delivered and/or flashed to IT mode.

I know this is a bit of an old thread but I wanted anybody who is interested to know that I stumbled on a listing for this HBA. The price is a little higher than the original post, but not by much.

$39.99 / OBO - Free Shipping

Has anyone put one of these in a U-NAS? What would be the recommendation to keep it cooled?

It requires constant airflow. I have surplus of new old stock phenom and FX heat sink fans, I attach them via the stock heat sink screws and E6000 adhesive, it is easy to remove if needed but strong and vibration proof rubber type material.

damn it’s sold out everywhere !
someone’s got a listing somewhere ?