Adaptec 7805 expanding array

Hey, I’m building the NK 6 according to your guides because my previous home nas died unexpectedly. For the first time, I’m dealing with the hardware raid controller. I’ve bought recommended Adapted 7805 but I’m a bit confused now. I have some configuration panels visible in my bios, however, it doesn’t allow me to do all the cool stuff mentioned in the documentation. Since I’m planning to have raid 1 I’m testing on a smaller one the ability to migrate from the old software-created raid to the hardware one. The plan was to create SIMPLE_VOL, migrate their files and then expand to raid 1 mirror. However, the bios app doesn’t allow me to do migration/expand command and according to the Adaptec page, there is no software available for the modern systems. How do you guys manage your arrays? Please be kind to me, I’m just a bit lost here :frowning:

Use software raid with LVMs