AAEON UP Squared Developer Board - Intel N3350 dual-core CPU and 2G with AES-NI- $99 + $10 ship, OBO


It only needs a 5v DC 4A-6A PSU, which is pretty uncommon. Most are 12V.

Pretty neat little board. Has AES-NI if you want to use it for a router/firewall with VPN…

Board info: UPS-APL | World's Fastest Maker Board | UP Squared - AAEON

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Is this like a raspberry pi on steroids?

Basically yes. It’s an Intel x86 based board, so you can run pretty much anything for x86 on it.

I should add that I’ve messed around with this board a bit for work. If anybody has questions, I’ll do my best to answer.

Official AAeon power adapter here: UP/UP Squared/UP Core power supply 5V@6A(EP-PS5V6A65WUPS)<W/O Power Cord>

What kind of speeds does this thing produce? Would you expect it to route at gig speeds?

With a basic firewall install, it can route at 1Gbps no problem. When you introduce other packages, performance may suffer.

Makes sense, still a cool little board. Would make a great WireGuard node/endpoint for backups.

What case would be good for this?