A slightly different post

Hi, just a slightly different post. I have noticed that most of the build posted on here are using second hand parts, which is awesome. But I would like to build a media server using new parts and hopefully be low energy usage.
I will be running unRaid, up to 15 dockers, including Plex/Sonarr/Radarr/Unifi/CCTV/HA etc. There will be up to 3 VM’s running W10.
Since this media server will be for my family only, I would need the server to handle the maximum of 6x 1080 streams, 3x 4k streams along with server tasks mentioned above. It’s pretty doubtful that my family would be using plex all at the same time, but if that ever would happen, I would like to know the server can handle the load. I plan the use Firestick 4k as plex clients.
So far, I have come up with a very basic Server here. Please ignore the errors, they are HDD / SATA port errors.
I know that build an overkill, has anyone got any suggestions on what I can change to reduce the current wattage of 270w? Thanks