60Tb NAS - OTIS - Docker - am I doing it wrong?


just sharing the little server I’m building
I plan to have it running 24/7 as NAS and multifunction server
so Docker, PLEX etc, so I mixed up NAS Killer thread and OTIS thread instructions :


  • Intel i9-10900T
  • ARCTIC Freezer 7 X


  • ASUS Pro WS W480-ACE
  • 2 x 16gb Crucial DDR4 EEC


  • Sabrent m.2 256GB Rocket
  • LSI SAS9211-8i IT-MODE
  • 6 x 10Tb SAS Seagate EXOS X10 - UNRAID
  • 2 x SFF-8087 to (4) SFF-8482 cable


  • Corsair HX1000


  • Antec P101 Silent (considering other options)

I understood that UNRAID is my best option, I’ll use mit with ZFS…

Am I doin’ something wrong? :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!

edit: updated with the suggestions and upgraded budget

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I’m curious about your motherboard. From my limited experience, it seems most people choose to build NAS on boards that allow ECC memory. Are you choosing to use non-ECC ram intentionally?

Can your add-on card, LSI SAS9211-8i IT-MODE, be used on any motherboard? I really only see it on Xeon builds.

Good luck with your build. When you’re finished you’ll have to post your results.

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Why RAID 5?

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well I think RAID 5 is enough security, should I go with RAID 6?

oh, actually I didn’t think about the non-EEC memory, and neither about the Xeon…
I searched but didn’t read anywhere NAS with LSI need XEON and\or ECC ram, could you point me to that information?

I choose the motherboard because of the CPU, and the CPU because of the trans-coding capability and low power consumption. I was afraid that Xeon system don’t have quicksync and other media oriented functions…

Thanks for your feedback! Of course I’ll post my results!

Have you considered Unraid?

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Yes I do, in theory, but I’m still learning about it… so I don’t really know nothing about it.
And now from your question I desume the name Unraid has something to do with not using RAID… :sweat_smile:

But is it true that the LSI card wants a XEON build?

I would recommend taking a look at this article since your planing to use so many drives, and it seem’s like your adding all of them at once.

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LSI HBAs do not require Xeons.

Unraid supports 30 drives in the main array, if you want to use more than that you can use something like ZFS.


Ahhhh, my apologies. I thought he was looking upward of 18 drives. Missed the OR instead of AND.

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well actually 8 drives is enough for now, also I don’t want a massive energy footprint.
I think I also will go for ZFS, even if I’m under 30 drives

I forgot to add a 10gbe card, maybe I’ll go for something like this:
Asus XG-C100C

I hope to put some real build details soon, I just received only the 8087 cables :sweat_smile:

Go for Unraid.

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I definitely will go for Unraid, and my budget just got expanded, so I upgraded here and there