60 bay storinator - $1k + $200 shipping

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I went ahead and upgraded it a fair bit. Here’s new photos


Update: Runs great, but it has a couple of issues.
The Zippy PSUs are very, very loud. This thing needs to be in a basement, closed away from everything. Wouldn’t be an issue if I had a basement.
Other thing, it is picky about RAM. That mostly comes down to the motherboard. It won’t take Unbuffered PC3-12800E RAM. Maybe I just don’t understand how RAM works, but I thought this would be compatible.
If anyone has any advice for the PSU loudness problem, please let me know. It’s driving me insane. I want to run it, but it is so damned loud. It makes even my 1st gen Unifi 24 port 250w switch seem quiet, and I thought THAT was loud.