5.0 Unraid Upgrade

My current system is an AMD Athlon II X4 635 and MSI 870A-G54 motherboard. It is starting to have disk communication errors under heavy disk loading. I have changed cables, controller channels and controller cards, and the problem remains. This system has been running 24x7 for probably 10 years so i figure something is failing on the motherboard so time for something a bit more powerful.

I found a Supermicro C7Z87 motherboard i7-4771 and 8GB RAM combo for $142. Seemed like a bargain so I picked that up. Going to add some more memory and that should be good.
I have 8 - SAS drives and 4 - 2.5 SSD so i am looking for a reasonable case with at least 8 - 3.5" mounts and a 5.25 drive bay or space for the ssd’s elsewhere.

Anybody have any ideas on something i can stuff all that in and is available?

After much searching last night I decided to get the Fractal Define 7 XL. There is an stl on thingiverse for the drive tray, so that will make adding a bunch of drives in that case a bit more reasonable. Now to decide on a new power supply.

That’s a good case. The Cooler Master N400 is also extremely popular for a more budget-focused build.

I did consider the N400, and a couple of others that would hold the drives I am currently using, but no room after that. The Define XL has room for more drives and seems like the extra room in the case should help with cooling. Might as well spend a little more and get something fits current and possible future needs.