4.1 Chenbro build and SAS drives

From reading the Chenbro 4.1 Nas kilter guide it comes with SAS to SATA cables, If I wanted to covert that back to support SAS drives what cables would I need. I also saw some one post an adapter. Can you go SAS controller SAS cable to SATA and then SAS adapter ?


At this time I am keeping the case as sound is not an issue, I will only need to move if airflow becomes an issue.

The SAS controller on the TYAN board uses SATA ports for the data connection, and all the HDD data cables that come with it are SATA cables. You will need a SATA->SAS power adapter, like this to connect and power SAS drives.

EDIT: Saw that you are planning to keep the chassis. The cable I linked to would be a pain to route to the drive area, and wouldn’t be long enough to reach all of them. All the included cables are SATA (SATA Data and SATA Power), so something like what you have linked will be needed. Can’t comment on space issues though, I was chucking the chassis so I didn’t investigate how much space there might be.

Another option is to use a HP SAS expander and reverse breakout cables (2 cables, which handle 4 ports each) from the motherboard to the expander, and forward breakout cables from the expander to the drives.

If you only want to use SATA drives, you can use these breakout cables.
(1 cable per 4 drives, this is a 2 pack)
If you want to use SAS drives, you need these breakout cables.
(1 cable per 4 drives, this is a single cable)

Thanks for the recommendations, I have plans for the pci express port so not sure the HP card might not be an option.

Would I be able to use an adapter ?

What do you mean, “the PCI express port”?

Sorry the PCI-E slot not port

The HP expansion card that you posted will need to be installed in the PCI-E slot but I have plans for another card (not a GPU)

I like your option about using the SAS breakout cable but what did you think about the adapter ?