4.0 build - Problem getting LSI card to be recognized

For my build, I seem to have mixed some of the parts of the ultra-quiet plus build with “base” NAS killer. I ordered an Acer Q77H2-AM motherboard and the i5 processor. I’m kicking myself for not paying closer attention.

Can I still use the LSI 9201-8i card to control 8 hard drives? The card is getting power from the board, as the light are on. However, I am not able to see it in the bios, v P21-A1. The card is currently in the lower slot.

You will not see the LSI card or the drives in the BIOS.

Sorry, I did not use the correct terminology. During post, I do not see the card. However, I put the card in another pc and I see the LSI card during post. Wondering if I have a board issue or maybe an issue with the lower slot.