2u case and parts for Quicksync build? (Moved/copied from Reddit as requested)

As the title, was going to get a laptop which I may still do but wanted to price up a 2u Quicksync build to run off my 4u Unraid server which holds all my storage.

I want it to be able to handle 4K if possible, no problem if not as I have two versions of every film/series I have, one in 4K (also some HDR) and one 1080p.

I’m unsure on the Motherboard/CPU/Fan combo due to the height but would use a NVMe drive and 16gb of ram (I think that’s enough?). Just use the onboard GPU I think as Quicksync does the magic.

I’m based in the U.K. which doesn’t matter to much for the parts apart from the case which is harder to find in the U.K. I think the case is going to be the hardest to find? Again, the build has to be below £225 or I will just get a couple of laptops.


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There’s no reason to transcode 4K, it’s not supported by Plex, the HDR does not get tone mapped properly, and it’s a huge resource hog. The best option is to keep a separate 4K library and not share it out of your network.
Have you considered a QuickSync laptop?

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I use Kodi with Plex or Emby as a backend (still working out which is better as I use live TV also). The boxes are OSMC Vero 4K+ and I direct play anything local hence why I keep a copy of everything, one 1080p and one 4K (if there is one).

Yes, I read your thread regarding laptops and yes it’s a option, I was looking at the i5 8th gen and can pick up for around £275-£300 but would rather have a 2u case as with a laptop/tray that pulls out its an extra £50ish and a 2u case would look better if it can be done for less than £300?

Anyone with UK 2u case links?

The other reason was that I would like to pop in a 10Gbe card. I have a USB 3.1 external 10Gbe adapter for my MacBook or iMac but it was around £150 used.

There’s no reason to have 10GbE for Plex, whether you’re using live TV or not.
It won’t benefit you at all.

Ok cheers. Found a nice 2u case used for £20, they are selling loads of them.

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