2 Routers and 1 switch configuration

Hello there.
I want to setup something in my house and would need a bit of advice.

So I have 2 routers 2 different ISP’s one is only 10mbps the other is 4G lte and a TP link TL-SG108E Switch.

So the idea is to connect both routers to the switch on different subnets.
The goal is to use the 4G connection that is much faster for my gaming server and eth miner.
While use the other router for my iot devices for browsing the web , facebook ect.

It would be something like this:
Router A-
Router B-
Switch TP-Link 192.168.?.1

Now the problem is the switch ? As i would assign static IP to lets say my ETH miner to with default gateway of
Same with other devices on other network.

However how should i address the switch? Will it use that default gateway? I attempted to leave the switch default gateway blank but i cant as per logic it would use the default GW of the connected device?

One more solution i thought about is making 2 VLANs on the switch.
Than i should use ports as uplink if im not mistaken? Such as port 1 uplink of router 1 and port 2 uplink of router 2?

Im a bit confused in this so im hoping someone can shed some light!

Build a pfsense box to properly take advantage of multiple connections.


Hi, thanks for the answer but thats not an option because i have to position the routers on oposite sides of the house as the 4G router has an external antena and i have to place it there, luckily there is a cable going trough the wall to my switch and other isp router.
I could use a dual wan router or pfsense but than the signal of the 4g would not be good as i would have to station it in one place!

Why isn’t it an option if you have a cable going to the other one?

There is only a lan cable traveling to the switch.
At that position i have to put a 4G router to attach to the antena for signal.
I already have 2 routres and a managed switch so im not sure how building a pfsense box would help me out except removing 1 router?
Im not sure what your thoughts are to use a pfsense box in this scenario could you elaborate?

I have added a schematic to clarify stuff!

p.s. i fucked up teh server was supposed to be .X not .1 same as router ignore that

So why wouldn’t you replace “Router 1” with Pfsense, and just leave router 2 as it is and plug it right into Pfsense for Multi-WAN?

Agreed with JDM what you want is a main router that supports multi-wan. Let that router control the route out to your different connections. Then your switch sits on the other side of that router creating your simple LAN.