2-pack of 10k 2.5" HDDs now available - 300GB up to 1.8TB

We are now offering 2 packs of 2.5" 10K and 15K HDDs! These are great for use as an additional cache pool in Unraid. You won’t have to worry about wearing out your SSD with these! Use them in RAID 0 for speed or RAID 1 for redundancy, or use them separately for multiple cache pools. Because they are 10K RPM, they are much more responsive than normal 7.2K RPM 3.5" drives. Think of these as somewhere between a normal HDD and a SATA SSD. We have capacities from 300GB all the way up to 1.8TB.

Other info:

  • You will receive 2 identical drives. Make and model may vary however. This helps us speed up shipping times and keep overall costs low.
  • These are SAS2/SAS3 depending on the model you receive, but all drives will work fine on a SAS2 controller like a LSI 9211.
  • These drives are 15mm thick, not 7mm like SSDs.
  • If you want to use these in a 3.5" backplane, it’s possible - but you need an adapter that lines up properly, like this. This also works if you just want to use a normal 3.5" HDD slot in a desktop case.

:truck: Free shipping to USA over $25 :truck:
:flight_departure: Affordable international shipping rates available upon request :flight_arrival:


If anyone is curious what performance numbers could look like, I did some testing with 10K/15K RPM drives a few months ago.

Can you request specific brands? I would like to order some, but I have been burned by non WD/Hitachi/HGST drives too many times, enterprise or otherwise.

Not at this time. We receive large quantities of these at a time (500+), and the shipments contain various brands and model numbers. Creating matched pairs takes some time, and following customer requests would take more time, further increasing cost. These are still covered by our 30-day warranty just like the rest of our products, however. So if you have any worries about these we are sure you will be covered.

Likely in the future we will have specific models for sale as individual items, but for right now this is the easiest.

most of my 2.5 spinners (currently have 30-40 in various stages of uses) are not hgst, most are actually seagate refurbs, im fairly impressed with them.