1st Server Build, please comment

Hello folks!

I was hoping to probe the brain trust that is serverbuilds.net, by bouncing my build idea off of you before spending the $ on parts.

That being said: I am looking to build a home sever, I am willing to buy something that is completed if the price was somewhat close to what I could build this for… however, I haven’t seen such a unit yet (link it if you know of one that is as good as or better than the build I have listed below and is comparable in price i.e. < $2k).

Part of my goal it to build this thing with a strong enough foundation so that I can upgrade later if needed without have to do a complete new build (i.e. I know the CPU i have listed is not the top-end for this MoBo / nor have I maxed out the ram)

For each of my use cases I suspect that I should use an independent VM; my use cases are:

  • Large File share
  • Plex Media server (max 2 users)
  • Home automation app
  • dev environment / playground for new projects…

For the listed use cases: do you think the below listed machine will preform well? do you have any suggestions for alternative parts ? (I’m trying to keep this near $2k or better but let me know if you think it is really required to spend more to preform well… I might just have to wait longer… )

Part List:

Chassis DAOHE 4U 19inch Storage Server Case V4407 Hotswap 6Gb IPFS 24 Bay Rackmount Chassis $428.00
Mobo Supermicro MBD-H11SSL-NC-O Socket SP3 $469.09
CPU AMD EPYC (2nd Gen) 7232P Octa-core (8 Core) 3.10 GHz Processor $532.50
RDIMM RAM NEMIX RAM 64GB 2x32GB DDR4-2933 PC4-23400 2Rx4 ECC Registered RDIMM Memory for Servers and Workstations $282.99
PSU 750W corsair 80+ Bronze cert (already owned)
HDDs / SSDs variety (already owned)

Thanks for reading ! - B34R

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