1866 DDR3L 1.35V ECC Memory?

Is 1866 DDR3L 1.35V ECC Memory a thing?

I’ve found:

1600 DDR3L ECC
1866 DDR3 ECC
1866 DDR3L Non-ECC

It looks like on paper at least the E3 V4 Xeons on the LGA1150 platform support it,
but was 1866 DDR3L 1.35V ECC just not something that every really got made? Or is it just hard to find now?

How about HMT84GL7AMR4C-RD? I can find that model on newegg and amazon.

Thanks, but those appear to be Registered Dimms. I can only use Unbuffered Dimms.

Not totally sure why I posed this message, I’m sure they do exist, but are niche enough that they are crazy expensive if you can find them. I think I was just hoping someone on here had a few DIMMS laying around that they wanted to unload.

I have some DDR3L 1866 Non-ECC and some DDR3L 1600 ECC. I typically use ECC whenever possible, but this is for Unraid and Unraid folks seem to swear up and down that ECC doesn’t matter for Unraid. Then again the extra 266 Mhz probably also doesn’t make any difference.

I can assure you that the memory speed will have no impact whatsoever on an Unraid NAS workload. If you had a workload for which memory speed did matter, you’d know. Get the cheapest option at the desired density.
ECC being unimportant for a given operating system is mostly drivel, checksumming is beneficial, period - at some point your data is in memory no matter what the OS is. Is it critical for a home NAS application, not particularly, but there’s little reason to forgo it if the platform supports it.

Here is a search link for 8GB ECC UDIMMs, including both 1.5 and 1.35v results - just go for the listings that say PC3L. 8gb -(4gb,2gb,1gb,4gbx2,2gbx4) (pc3,pc3l) (8500e,10600e,12800e,14900e,8500 unbuffered ecc,10600 unbuffered ecc,12800 unbuffered ecc,14900 unbuffered ecc) for sale | eBay