10th Gen Intel, Yay or Nay?

Hey all,
I had some great help on my post the other day about my current setup and what I was looking to do with it. I think i’m set on going to a 10th gen intel for the iGPU/Quicksync the cpus offer, and I will probably pair it with my 1050 ti laying around.

I’ve been doing some research and I’ve seen some articles where people were having transcoding issues/LAN issues/Passthrough issues with unraid using 10th gen intel, and some people have confirmed the latest beta has fixed this for them, while others haven’t confirmed if the update has fixed the issues or not.

So i’m looking to buy an i5-10600k, with a GIGABYTE Z490 GAMING X AX, are these combos a good choice and will there be any issues with version 6.9.0-beta35

Thanks everyone!

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What purpose would the 1050ti serve for you?

I’m in your same boat. I’d like to save some money and get the 8/9th gen but they seem to be short supply right now and I’m not sure about buying used. The beta seems to be fixing most of the issues for people but this will be my first experience with unraid and would prefer the stable release.

I was looking at the ASRock Z490M-ITX/ac and Intel Core i3-10100.

I’m also wondering the same. But maybe, if game servers require the server to have GPU? I don’t know about it.