10 Gb subnetwork

Hello all, today I come to you with and interesting issue.

I live with my parents and cannot change the networking in the house. I would like to use 10 Gb networking to allow for me to edit off my nas, but the house is equipped with a 1 Gb router.
What would be the best way to allow myself to use 10 Gb networking without changing the rest of the house’s networking. Would I just use a pfsense box and use the 1 Gb networking as the wan?

Direct 10gb connection from your pc to the NAS as a secondary to the house networking.

I should have been more clear, my apologies. I have 2 devices that I edit on (a laptop and a desktop) and I use them both. I edit on one and use the other for rendering.

Well the rendering won’t really benefit from the 10gb anyway, but the edit surely will with being able to scrub through clips faster.

I’m not sure how you would connect a laptop to wired 10Gb networking anyways, but I would just use the laptop to use Remote Desktop or something similar to connect to the desktop, and do all the editing there. With only 2 devices, you won’t need a 10Gb network switch.