Xeon E3-1260L for Plex transcoding

I’m eyeing the mini itx build, but one of the primary tasks will be as a plex server. On reddit, I’ve seen a few posts claiming that the E3-1260L is anemic or deficient, even with quick sync, at Plex hardware transcoding. I don’t need to get crazy with transcoding, but it’s possible that I may need to do this for a 4k stream every now and then. Does anyone have experience using this CPU for this task? Would this build be worse than say a Synology DS1019+ (which research got me down this rabbit hole to begin with :slight_smile: )

There’s a discussion on hardware transcoding that will probably answer a majority of your questions if not all.

Transcoding 4K takes a lot of resources, so it’s recommended to not advocate for it. Direct Streaming and Direct Playing 4K is fine and can be done on practically any recent generations of hardware.

In terms of being better than Synology, that’s a very low bar honestly. Practically everything recommended here as a NAS will outperform Synology.

So swing over to the Hardware Transcoding discussion for more answers to your questions.

Thank you! Appreciate the link. Will definitely check it out.

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